Ultraneer in Dubai

State-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry in comfortable, caring environment.

Ultraneer is designed to give you a sensational smile while causing no discomfort:

No pain, no injection, no preparation. 2-3 visits only and get direct results

  • Permanent white teeth
  • Seven years manufacture warranty
  • Three working days for replacement of any damaged ultraneer unit (free of charge)
  • 10-14 working days manufacture time
  • Get your free online computerized study
  • Get final view of your expected smile at no charge
  • Create your smile design with assistance of our professional smile designers.
  • Large number of shades helps the clients reach the exact desired shade
  • Ask us how you can get the brightest smile in the world
  • Ultraneer will provide professional staff as a side chair assistance in fixation procedure along with smile design consultant.